Simple password manager
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2022-05-11 18:03Ignore all git stuffMichael Savage1+1-1
2018-09-16 10:08Also ignore .gitignoreMichael Savage1+1-1
2018-09-16 09:47Skip over .git in pdb listMichael Savage1+1-1
2017-11-20 18:31Get rid of the --delay 60 in pdbmenuMichael Savage1+1-1
2015-02-21 14:19README trailing space is greatMichael Savage1+1-1
2015-02-21 14:18README pdbmenuMichael Savage1+2-3
2015-02-21 14:16Re-add chmod text to pdb initMichael Savage2+2-1
2015-02-21 14:13Fix pdb initMichael Savage1+9-13
2015-02-21 14:09Fill in commitMichael Savage1+1-1
2015-02-21 14:09Pretty much another rewriteMichael Savage7+270-216
2015-02-11 19:49Print a newline after passwords to make mbsync happyMichael Savage1+1-1
2015-02-10 21:55Additionally -> OptionallyMichael Savage1+1-1
2015-02-10 21:47Fill in commit hashMichael Savage1+4-4
2015-02-10 21:46Rewrite!Michael Savage8+448-270
2014-07-27 11:28Use --delay so firefox doesn't skip charactersMichael Savage1+1-1
2014-06-23 14:51Use set -e in bash and --clearmodifiers in xdotoolMichael Savage1+4-6
2014-06-17 16:56Exit with nonzero status when password isn't in DBMichael Savage1+2-0
2014-05-01 21:46Sort the output of pdb listMichael Savage1+7-0
2013-12-31 23:44Add gen commandMichael Savage2+59-3
2013-12-31 23:44Close random/urandomMichael Savage1+3-0
2013-12-31 22:43Let's use an HMAC to stop people from tampering with our DBMichael Savage1+15-3
2013-12-11 20:51Some wordingMichael Savage1+2-2
2013-12-11 19:33FormattingMichael Savage1+1-1
2013-12-11 19:30Initial commitMichael Savage4+245-0