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commit a390925fb2d51d21a260674f75160ded0c131b5c
parent 6da29f23daacb31365735db9266fab5b26322280
Author: Michael Savage <>
Date:   Thu Sep 15 14:32:51 +0100

Build hm.dll

build.bat | 6+++++-
1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 1 deletion(-)
diff --git a/build.bat b/build.bat @@ -6,7 +6,7 @@ REM -DGLAD_GLAPI_EXPORT set EXELIBS=glfw3dll.lib user32.lib shell32.lib opengl32.lib gdi32.lib set EXEFLAGS=%EXELIBS% %FLAGS% -REM cl -c %FLAGS% +cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% @@ -14,6 +14,7 @@ REM -DGLAD_GLAPI_EXPORT -DGLAD_GLAPI_EXPORT_BUILD cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% +cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% @@ -23,9 +24,12 @@ cl -c %FLAGS% cl -c %FLAGS% cl -Tpstb_image.h -c %FLAGS% -DSTB_IMAGE_IMPLEMENTATION cl -Tpstb_truetype.h -c %FLAGS% -DSTB_TRUETYPE_IMPLEMENTATION +cl -c %FLAGS% +cl -c %FLAGS% REM -DGLAD_GLAPI_EXPORT cl -LD %FLAGS% mod_btt.obj btt.obj gpubtt.obj glsl.obj memory_arena.obj glad.obj heightmap.obj skybox.obj log.obj immediate.obj stb_image.obj -Femod_btt.dll -link -EXPORT:game_init -EXPORT:game_frame +cl -LD %FLAGS% hm.obj terrain_manager.obj heightmap.obj btt.obj gpubtt.obj lz4.obj skybox.obj work_queue.obj memory_arena.obj log.obj immediate.obj glsl.obj stb_truetype.obj glad.obj glfw3dll.lib -Fehm.dll -link -EXPORT:game_init -EXPORT:game_frame cl gl.obj glad.obj log.obj memory_arena.obj %EXEFLAGS% -Femedfall.exe cl stb_image.obj lz4.obj lz4hc.obj %EXEFLAGS%